New Year celebration - Istgah

New Year celebration – Istgah

A Celebration of Joy and Hope The New Year is a celebration that takes place every year on the last night of the year, December 31st, and signifies the beginning of the new Gregorian year (January 1st). This celebration holds a special place in most parts of the world and is one of the largest and most famous annual celebrations globally.

The New Year celebration is accompanied by decorating the Christmas tree, giving gifts, food and drinks, gathering, and joy. In many countries, people gather with their families and friends on New Year’s Eve and spend happy moments together.

New Year’s Eve is a night full of celebration and joy. People come together with their friends and family and collectively welcome the new year. In many cities, fireworks displays are held that light up the night sky with bright and joyful colors. New Year’s Day is a day for rest and self-reflection. According to an old custom, people renew their ideals and goals for the coming year on this day. This day is an opportunity for us to reflect on ourselves and try to plan for ourselves. New Year’s Day advises everyone to strive for their growth and flourishing and try to become a better person.

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History of the New Year Celebration The New Year celebration has its roots in ancient New Year celebrations. In many ancient cultures, people would say goodbye to the old year with joy and celebration and wish for a blessed new year. The New Year celebration in its modern form began in the 4th century AD in the Roman Empire. At that time, the people of the Roman Empire held a celebration on the last night of the year called the Winter Solstice. This celebration was accompanied by fireworks and joy.

In the 7th century AD, the Catholic Church approved the New Year celebration and linked it to the celebration of the birth of Christ. From then on, the New Year celebration became one of the most important celebrations for Christians. An interesting point is that after the New Year celebration was approved by the Catholic Church, in many countries, Christmas and New Year are celebrated on the same day; however, the nature of these two celebrations is different. Christmas is the birthday of Jesus Christ and is considered a religious celebration for Christians, but the New Year celebration is a universal celebration for all people in the world who use the Gregorian calendar. However, due to the temporal proximity of this celebration, many Christians around the world celebrate it simultaneously with Christmas. The virtual Christmas Istgah, with the help of twenty-one musicians and singers, performed a famous song “we wish you a merry Christmas”.

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Customs of the New Year Celebration The New Year celebration has different customs in different countries of the world; however, commonalities can be found in all of them; for example, the Christmas tree is one of the main symbols of the New Year celebration. This tree is usually decorated with colorful lights, Christmas balls, and colored papers. The Christmas tree is a symbol of the birth of Christ and the light of faith.

Giving gifts is one of the most important parts of the New Year celebration and is done in all countries in some way. Children are usually waiting for Santa Claus’s gifts. Santa Claus is a fictional and famous character of the New Year who comes to children’s homes on this night and leaves gifts for them. Giving gifts is a sign of love and friendship. People eat special foods and drinks on New Year’s Eve. In some countries, eating grapes on New Year’s Eve is a sign of good luck. Grapes are a symbol of abundance and the sweetness of life.

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New Year’s Eve is always celebrated with dancing and joy. The New Year celebration should be full of vitality and energy so that we can say goodbye to the old year well and prepare for the new year. New Year in Iran The New Year celebration is also held in Iran. This celebration is especially popular among Iranian Christians. In many cities of Iran, churches hold celebration ceremonies on New Year’s Eve. People in Iran join this celebration by decorating the Christmas tree, giving gifts, eating and drinking, and dancing and rejoicing.

The New Year celebration is an opportunity for people all over the world to come together and celebrate the new year. This celebration is also an opportunity for people to wish for a better new year. Peace and friendship are the messages of this holiday. It can be said that on this day, people all over the world think about a better world. Istgah congratulates everyone on the New Year.

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