درباره ارکستر ایستگاه


The beginning of harmony

Istgah, an art institution, was founded in 2009 by Mehdi Norouzi, a graduate of the Music Conservatory. He had a dream of creating an independent private orchestra that would enrich the country’s music scene with its melodies, but now Istgah is not just an orchestra, instead it’s a symphony of diverse arts. It participated and organized art festivals, musical theaters, and international projects, earning a reputation of excellence and prestige in the field of Iranian music and art.

Istgah's Mission

Istgah’s mission is clear: to showcase the beauty and diversity of Iran’s culture and art to the world. Istgah is a registered organizition in the International peace bureau, and it used its Iranian-rooted art as a bridge of communication and understanding with other nations. Istgah’s message is one of peace and friendship, a harmony that transcended borders and differences.

Istgah's Vision

Istgah is not content with its achievements. It has a vision of expanding its horizons and exploring new forms of artistic expression. It has collaborated with the cultural department of the United Nations and has implemented many joint projects that promoted the cause of world peace. Istgah’s vision is to become a leading platform for Iranian art and artists in the world arena, and to use its capacity to inspire and empower others.

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