Istgah orchestra was founded in 2010 by consistent efforts of Mahdi Norouzi and a group of graduate students in music and singing in Tehran. Initially, it consisted of a few members who had to manage multiple roles at the same time. The very first idea to establish the Istgah orchestra was based on filling the need of the music market to a private, independent and professional orchestra in Iran. The years of assiduous efforts as well as taking advantage of the opportunities led into the emergence of Istgah orchestra in 2011 as a private institution. Ever since, Istgah has been significantly growing as it collaborated with national and international music legends such as Naser Cheshmazar and Richard Clayderman. Also, taking part in musical theaters of Mary Poppins and The Corpse Bride, the Istgah orchestra has been able to introduce itself successfully to the community of music and performance art.

Currently, Istgah has gained a superior status in the field of Iranian music and art through participating in various closing ceremonies, and film and art festivals, as well as musical theaters. This elite group now consists of more than 150 members including Iranian and international singers, musicians and composers.



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